Matching Engineering With Musicianship

Dedicated to Diane

I am Aleks Bakman, designer of the Onedof™ Turntable.  I am delivering to my customers the object of their passion.
I have taken the analog audio system out of the basements and placed it in the living rooms.
The engineering that I am practicing is an art form.  I have used my expertise to create the music instrument to match the music in attraction and longevity.


A piece of music brings the listener in touch with creators of music at their high moment of inspiration.

The composer happily conceives a tune and after hard labor, agony, and pain gives birth to the music.

The performer baptizes the new music with his sweat and sometimes blood, making it immortal.

The music instrument maker puts his passion and love into the material, joints and surface finish, and it is still there long after he is gone.  That is why the music instrument is as unique as the music itself.

The careful listener, as rare as the old music instruments, keeps music immortal.
The life of music continues because the listeners are listening.
The careful listeners are humbly entering the temple every time when they sit down, listen to the music, and touch the eternal time in the infinite space. 

The people who record and reproduce music are new to the eternity. 
Music has been recorded and reproduced, reborn for one hundred years,
a short term in comparison to the lives of the violins
made by Andrea Amati in 1560 and still surviving today, 450 years later.  

Maybe in this exclusive circle of the bashful mortals, responsible for the eternal life of music, there is a small room for a turntable maker.

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