CES 2012


Consumer Electronics Show 2012  January 10-13 in Las Vegas

Renaissance Suite 35-305 in the Venetian

Lamm ML3 Signature Amplifiers
Lamm LL1 Signature Line-level preamplifier
Lamm LP2 Phono stage, deluxe (2)
Wilson Audio Maxx 3 speakers
NeoDio NR22T Transport

NeoDio NR22D Dac
ZYX Omega Cartridge
Graham Phantom II tonearm

Graham Tonearm Cable
HRS SXR Signature Series Frames (3)
HRS M3X Isolation Base (9)
HRS Custom M3X Isolation Base for amps (4)
Kubala Sosna Elation Series cables (11 cables in total)

Onedof Turntable
System Total: $599,000

Vladimir Lamm (Lamm Ind.), Aleks Bakman (Onedof Turntable), and Robert Graham (Graham Ingineering) at CES2012. Las Vegas, January 2012
Lamm: -Aleks, crank up your vertooshkah (the Russian for "the rotorcraft")
AVShowrooms Video (Peter Breuninger)






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