Dan D'Agostino:

"It sounds like a master tape.  I cannot hear any distortions"


Jacob Heilbrunn (the abso!ute sound):

"At the other end of the price spectrum was the dauntingly expensive and brand new Onedof ’table. This snazzy gold-hued record player, coupled with Dan D’Agostino’s new Momentum monoblock amplifiers (which possess sledgehammer power in the bass), sounded very promising indeed when playing an Angel LP featuring Maria Callas singing the “Casta Diva” aria. There was no hint of breakup in the treble and the dynamics were excellent."


Sound and Vision Magazine: The new Onedof Degree of Freedom turntable was one of the few vinyl-spinning systems that made me want to listen for more than a few minutes.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011. List of Equipment.  Room 427.
Manufacturer Model
Onedof LLC Turntable
Tri-Planar Mk. VII tonearm
Benz Micro Benz LP S Cartridge
Aesthetix Io Eclipse  phono stage
D'Agostino Master Audio Systems

Momentum Monaural Amplifier, pair

Transparent Cables

Reference MM Speaker Cable
Balanced Reference InterlinkMM
Power Isolator Reference
Reference PowerLink, pair

Sonus faber Stradivari Homage Speakers

"Aleks and Diane,

Thanks for the live Milstein, Rachmaninof/Bach and Johnny Cash.  Sincerely, Jim Wolfe, Retired Physics Prof."

"Dear Aleks,
My scribbled note (with misspellings) captures the moment and my excitement about what I experienced. I was never much of an advocate for vinyl over digital, but your demo with the ONEDOF turntable was a real eye-opener.  Breathtaking!  Best of luck in the future.
Jim Wolfe"



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